How it Works

Complete. Convenient. Paperless.

My Paperless Payroll in 3 Easy Steps

We offer convenient, complete online payroll processing you can manage in three easy steps. We do the rest. Spend less time, save on cost, and reduce waste!


Enter employee hours and / or amounts


Audit your work with a Pre-Process Register and verification tests


Hit “Finish” and you’re done!

Complete. Convenient. Paperless.

My Paperless Payroll could be saving you time, expenses, and reducing your carbon footprint.

Employee Self Service

Help employees help themselves…
with Employee Self Service.

With My Paperless Payroll, you save time and can offer more to your employees. With Employee Self Service (ESS), employees gain the information and access they desire, whether it’s to print pay stubs or view W-2’s and personal profile info. And if you need to add timekeeping, employees also have access to their time card, PTO data info and can request time off.

Complete Payroll Service

No more printing, faxing or phoning in payroll. It’s the complete online payroll package in one convenient location.

Payroll Processing

My Paperless Payroll gives you access to the most robust payroll software available in the industry today. Payroll processing takes only minutes and you can access it from anywhere, allowing you more time to focus on your business.

Tax filing

Complete tax filing solution for your business. My Paperless Payroll calculates and deposits payroll taxes for local, state and federal entities and prepares and submits quarterly and annual returns on your behalf. We guarantee accurate and on-time payments and filings.

Direct Deposit

You can set up your employees on direct deposit. If you must have paper checks, you can print them on your own printer in minutes. The choice is yours.

Employee Self Service

My Paperless Payroll allows you to set up a user name and password for your employees to view their pay history and print out their own pay stubs. With the addition of timekeeping, employees can access their time cards and request time off. Once payroll is processed, they will receive an email letting them know they have been paid and they can access their payroll account.

Flexible Reports

Instant online access allows you to view reports when you want and to export them into various formats. Our PreProcess Register is one of the many essential reports available to you to ensure all information is correct before submitting payroll.

Accountant access to reports

My Paperless Payroll enables your accountant to view all payroll reports online using their own account. You no longer need to email, fax or mail reports.

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